Successfully Driving Failure 1000 Deep

MLM PyramidSuccessfully Driving Failure 1000 Deep

by Admin

The music is good, the colors are bright, the sales pitch is awesome, the funnel is accurate and the marketing plan blows you away. You carefully watch as names run down the left side of your computer screen. You think, my god, this program is ‘moving’, I’d better sign-up quick or I’ll miss out on this new once in a lifetime Pre-Launch Marketing program. As the video continues to play, you start to have visions of yourself lying of the beach of Aruba…you think, “I’m gonna get rich for jumping in so early.”

With wallet in hand, you quickly fill out the Opt-in form, then push the Red Button to submit your credit card information and upgrade to the Premium membership level. You’re feeling pretty good about yourself as you relax in you comfortable chair envisioning all the people that will be signing up after you. It’s just a matter of time before your replicated website does it’s magic and the money starts rolling in.

“What am I going to do with all that money I’ll be making?” you ask yourself. Then suddenly, just as you’re contemplating being able to quit your day job, the phone rings… It’s Bob, your best friend calling to invite you and the wife over for dinner. You stop him dead in his tracks, “Bob, ole buddy, I have just discovered the most amazing money making program on the planet….you want believe it, you’ve got to see this….definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity. There’s a conference call this Wednesday at 9pm….be there.” Bob listens and decides to attend the telephone conference call and signs up with you as his sponsor based on your powerful recommendation. Wow, if you had any doubts about this program working previously, they’re ‘gone’ now.

Next you start buying company leads, brochures, and telling more people about this great business opportunity you’ve found…a Pre-Launch company with an unbelievable marketing plan. More of your friends, contacts and leads sign-up. Everyone is having visions of going to Aruba and everyone is Pushing The Red Button and pulling out their wallets based on your advice and explanation of how they’re going to make a fortune with such a unique Marketing Plan.

You smile, as more and more of your friends, associates and family members sign-up by pushing the Red button and serving up their credit card. You now have hundreds of people involved in this phenomenal Marketing Program and growing. You start packing for a long vacation in Aruba to relax and count your easy money.

Then, suddenly it happens, you get your monthly report and realize you don’t have a commission check coming. “How can this be”, you ask yourself. I have at least a thousand people in my downline. There must be a mistake. You place a quick call and inquire about all that spillover and overwrite percentage on sales you should have received. The company informs you that you don’t have any sales volume and therefore no commissions are due.

Reality starts to sink in and you quickly realize… have a downline of 1000 people who have sold absolutely nothing because the product was either overpriced or not readily marketable. Upon examining the marketing plan you learn that jumping in early has not increased your income because every matrix starts from where you begin and if spillover occurs it will occur in ‘your’ matrix not from your upline’s matrix. ( A hard lesson to learn). The only money that will be paid to you or your downline is the commissons resulting from each individuals matrix and not their upline’s matrix sales. [Each person creates spillover in their own matrix depending on the number of people they directly sponsor not someone else’s] Unfortunately, many so-called Guru marketing videos DO NOT illustrate this FACTUALLY. It’s the blind leading the blind. I’m sure this nightmare story has happened to the best marketers early in their career. I call it successfully driving failure 1000 deep. Most newbies get readily caught up in the hype or sales pitch. They believe they understand their business venture which many do not. They find pyramid shaped marketing programs alluring, but they fail to see the truth. They fail to recognize basic business protocol which is:

1 – Pick a product to promote that you would buy and that has a proven market.
2 – Forget marketing plans – 200% of no sales is still zero
3 – Align yourself with a financially stable company – Not a Pre-launch
4 – Quit trying to sign someone up to do what you’re not willing to do…SELL
5 – Make sure you understand the Marketing Plan – Every matrix is a standalone

And one final point, ask yourself, “if it weren’t MLM would I still be selling the product?”
If the answer is ‘Yes’ then you’re OK but if the answer is ‘No’ then, Don’t Push The Red [Sign-Up Now] Button.

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