I’d Like To Sell You Some Hype On A Limited Budget

I’d Like To Sell You Some Hype On A Limited Budget

by Phil Connell

Allow me to explain how you could make $46,793.48 a week is another way of saying I’d like to sell you some hype on a limited budget. The internet is populated with numerous hyped programs offering to teach you everything you need to know about making money online. And many can be purchased at a reduced price of just $47. Are you a ready target for such marketing HYPE? Yes, you bet you are and here’s a list of HYPE qualifiers:

The qualifications can be summed up as follows: you’ll need to have a computer, the ability to read, write and speak your native language, a few extra dollars to spend with a valid credit card plus a working knowledge of the internet using your favorite browser.

Are you ready to get ‘HYPED’? Here’s a typical HYPED up Video sales pitch…..

Title: How To Make $46,793.48 Per Week Completely on Autopilot. And here’s the Video HYPE tools and the method used for promotion.

Start with a few props for the Hype Video production such as: a Fancy $750,000 Sports Car you borrowed from the dealership, a Bill Gates type summer home that you’ll claim is yours, a ticking digital clock as the video plays to enhance the effect that time is running out, a banner indicating that you only have two software packages left to sell (actually unlimited), a sales message representing that the regular price is $197 when in fact it normally sells for $19.95, a description that refers to the product as a Hidden Secret Stealth product that no one knows about, actors with multi-million dollar backdrops for referrals, plus some useless hidden software upgrades so that you can increase your profit dramatically and finally, a money back guarantee to ease the fear of purchase but only if the customer does as instructed (which will be difficult to prove).

Next start your campaign, promote.

Result – A Visitor Watches The HYPED Up Video Product And Makes A Purchase

Why did the visitor to your website give up $47 for your HYPE you may ask? Well, as the visitor watched the video the time was running out, the clock on the webpage was ticking and there was only 12 minutes and 37 seconds left. They needed to grab this product before someone else saw this Hidden Secret Software and decided to buy it before it was Sold Out. They bought it for ‘value’, at a very special reduced price of only $47 (Claimed Regular Price $197). And, because they got it so cheap, and saved so much money, they upgraded to expand the functionality of the software at the tune of $459 in extras. (Up Sells, really profitable HYPE here).

Now, it’s time for our new customer to watch the 5 training videos supplied by the GURU genius who developed this HIDDEN SECRET SOFTWARE program and try to convince himself that he hasn’t been HYPED or sold a bogus bill of goods. His rationalization process goes something like this…

It’s got to work because I bought the last ‘copy’ of the software, others bought it too, it’s hot… and it’s no longer available. (Makes sense, sort of)

This software program I brought works because lots of people I don’t know recommend it at the start of the video plus it includes lots of referrals. (Actors)

I can get traffic from this Hidden Secret Software thru underground little known sources… that’s right, even Google, Bing and Yahoo don’t know about it… now that’s value. (the Link is on the Internet…. you can’t be serious)

This is a one of a kind Hidden Secret Software available only to a select few on the internet.(Select few?… as in anyone with $47 to spend).

The software runs on autopilot…so anyone can make money even while they sleep… (Sure it does…like many folks, I still believe in the tooth fairy).

Easy one click installation….but they failed to mention the number of clicks it takes to make it operate. (It also includes a one click deletion feature at no additional cost).

After getting set up with the Hidden Secret Software, your new customer is ready to create his first campaign and start marketing to the masses. “What shall he call it?”, you might wonder. (hmmm…) I’ve got it, his new replicated software title will be,
‘How To Make $46,793.48 A Week Completely On Autopilot’ also known as I’d Like To Sell You Some Hype On A Limited Budget’.

Did the Hidden Secret Software and Replicated Website work for your new customer?…NO. Did the customer request a refund?…NO. Are you going to use this type of marketing…NO.

Things are never what they seem when dealing with sales HYPE:

As an example Salesman says, I’ll bet I could sell you anything. Prospect says, No you couldn’t. Salesman says, I’ll bet I could! Prospect says, I’ll bet you couldn’t. Salesman says,”How much would you give me for this coffee cup?” Prospect says, absolutely nothing! Salesman says, SOLD!

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