I Have Everything I Need Except Common Sense

I Have Everything I Need Except Common Sense

by Admin

You’ve read the manual, you’ve dressed the part, you’ve put on the face, and studied the art and emerged from the online training video as a brand new ‘genuine’ certified online sales professional. “You’re ready”, you tell yourself.  I’m gonna ‘knock em dead’ How could anyone object to signing up with me and my great company? This is going to be a piece of cake.

As you approach the telephone situated on your desk, you begin to feel a rush of confidence that overwhelms you. You gather your thoughts one last time as you review your leads and  telephone sales script specifically designed by your chosen company to allow you to communicate effectively and overcome sales objections. How difficult could it be?, you ask yourself. You pick up the phone and dial the number. A warm gentle voice answers and says, hello? Immediately,  you start READING the sales script…The next sound you hear is a ‘dial tone’……hmm, must have gotten disconnected accidentally you tell yourself. So, you call back….but this time you hear a ‘click’ and a ‘dial tone’. “Must be trouble with the phone line,” you tell yourself convincingly.

“OK, I’ll try another number,” you tell yourself. This time an elderly man answers and you decide to start READING the sales script again, but in a continuous monotone pattern rather than allowing an engaging conversation to ensue. About half-way through your sales script you hear a ‘dial tone’ again…hmm, that’s odd, you say to yourself, “I’m reading the script word for word.”

Not to be discouraged easily, you pick up the telephone again and dial another number from your lead list. This time you’ve got a plan!. A middle-aged woman answers the phone and you reply by reading your introduction and sales script REALLY FAST in hopes of conveying all the information before they get a chance to hang up. You hear, ‘click’ then the ‘dial tone’. “This is definitely not going well,” you think to yourself, and reluctantly, you give up.

This newly trained salesperson failed in his first attempt to communicate by demonstrating what I like to refer to as:


The salesperson failed in his second attempt to communicate by demonstrating what I like to refer to as:

2 – Listen To Me While I Talk

The salesperson failed in his third attempt to communicate by demonstrating what I like to refer to as:

3 -Talk Fast , Get It Over With and Maybe They Won’t Hang Up

Learning communication skills for the first time reminds me of an old story about a door-to-door salesman who knocked on doors all day long with his boss and couldn’t get one person to talk to him, open the door, invite him in, or give him an opportunity to show his product. As the sun began to set, and the two were headed home the car suddenly had a flat tire. The boss asked the salesman to go for help. The salesman walks up to a house nearby and knocks. A woman appears and opens the door. The salesman explains to her about their unfortunate flat tire and asks if he could use the phone. She invites him in, offers him a glass of water and allows him to use the telephone to call for help. When he arrives back at the scene of the disabled auto, his boss asked him, “Were you able to get help?”. Yes, the salesman replied. Then the boss said, “Why is it that you can go for help and get someone to answer the door for a total stranger, invite you in, offer you a drink, allow you to use the phone but you couldn’t get one person to talk to you about our product today? The salesman thought to himself, “my god, I have everything I need except common sense.”

The truth is we all have this innate ability and it is what I like to refer to as:

Disarming Yourself Before You Speak

The art of salesmanship is not coming up with some fancy sales script…It’s simply the ability to disarm your aggression, high pressure tactics and an insincere ‘plastic’ personality. Truly, be yourself. People respond to people. Learn your trade by being helpful, informative, perceptive, engaging and above all LISTEN.  Selling is all about the art or LISTENING not TALKING. Approach your marketing career with a new perspective and without ever having to say, I have everything I need except common sense.

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