Article Marketing Bad Advice

Article MarketingArticle Marketing Bad Advice

How many websites have you visited that praise posting articles from various article directories on your website?  A few I would guess. These directories advertise that you can use various author articles for free on your website so long as you make no modifications and publish all links (advertising links). It does have mass appeal for newbies, however, here’s the truth…the real truth. If you follow that advice, and copy any of those poisonous articles on your website you will be doomed to fail. Let me repeat that, you will be doomed to fail.

Why? Simple answer… these articles are written poorly without keyword considerations improperly used plus you’ll inherit nothing but issues including: hidden code, redirects, bad links, 404’s, hidden ads, secret access doorways to your website or worse.

My advice… do just the opposite and forget about the so-called Guru, beat-the-system, copycat or article spinning methods of marketing for your website.

Follow a simple plan. Be a professional and original and write all of the content for your website yourself.

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